Singer-Songwriter Janelle Loes Releases New Single ‘Rough Sketch‘ | Music News


Award-winning singer and songwriter Janelle Loes has shared her brand new single “Rough Sketch” with us. The rock-tinged indie tune expresses self-assurance in a bold way and is the third single from her upcoming sophomore EP Stranger.


The Phoenix based artist started her career in a very young age and had released her first EP with only 17 years. On numerous festivals and songwriting competitions she outbid other competitors and convinced with her eclectic songwriting.


Her music made it into several TV shows and movies ,including a Polish Soap, the Spanish film Una Pistola En Cada Mano and the Austrian Documentary Somewhere Else Tomorrow.


With her unique style she blends elements of jazz, pop and contemporary music. Her latest release “Rough Sketch” is produced by Grammy-nominee Andy Thompson and features a dramatic musical ensemble. The chorus is almost a whisper, but is an intense statement agains ill-intentioned criticism.


Who are you to say that I’m not enough, when all you ever see is just a rough sketch that barely resembles me“, Janelle sings about unwarranted attacks and short-sighted judgements. The whole track offers great tension between quiet piano lines, stirring drum sections and dramatic electric guitar riffs. All in all the brooding anthem reminds of a big creased with a catchy statement.


Listen to the track dreamy, yet powerful track below!




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