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Singer, saxophonist and songwriter Linéa from Copenhagen has released her next single “What We Did In My Head”. The young artists, also known as Johanna Linnea Jakobsson, is creating a unique sound of a classic singer-songwriter style mixed with pop and soul elements.


Linéa grew up in a family of classical musicians and started playing instruments at a young age. First she was really attached to jazz music and even joined a jazz program at a music academy in Sweden. Then she started to engage in songwriting and met producer and composer Claire Courchene.


One year later, she finished up the demo of her debut single “You & I” and started to collaborate with Courchene. “What We Did In My Head” is her second release and a further insight into her upcoming EP. The song is about long summer nights and nostalgia. Linéa sings about inner conflicts and the feeling that you’re stuck in a place where you don’t want to be.


She express the lyrics through playful vocals that are based on sentimental guitar riffs and muffled horns. “I wanted to try and capture this kind of sentimental blue summer night vibe and even though we changed a lot from start to finish I’m so glad that we stuck with that emotional happy-sad mood of the track”, Linéa says.


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