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Acoustic singer and songwriter Nina Luna has shared her new 5-song EP Notes on a Decade of Romantic with the included lead single “Dark Heart“.


Nina Luna is originally from Minneapolis and now travels between her hometown, NYC and LA. She started to become a musician at a very young age and is writing and performing her own music since she turned 14.


Her inspiration includes great music iconic like Bob Dylan, Alicia Keys and Florence + the Machine – just to name just a few. The young artist is mostly known for emotional, romantic and honest songwriting and and a wide range of genres.


According to that her acoustic based sound is influenced by R&B, electro-pop and even folk. Her new EP Notes on a Decade of Romance marks another step in her career, delivers catchy pop hooks such as powerful vocal lines and dives deeper into the subject love. Especially the lead single “Dark Heart” is really passionated and comes with thoughtful, melodic guitar riffs.


I wrote ‘Dark Heart’ years ago after my first real relationship and heartbreak and it still perfectly encapsulates that feeling of devastation for me. It’s a feeling almost everyone can relate to at some point and though it may not be pretty, that kind of pain is always transformative“, she explains.


Nina really wanted to have this song on her new EP in the most honest and raw version as possible. “I think there’s value in documenting all the painful and exquisite nuances of the human experience and that really informed how I chose the songs for ‘Notes on a Decade of Romance’“, she explains further.


The EP is just perfect for all romantics out there. Listen to the song “Dark Heart“ and the whole project below.




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