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Skepta 01.03.2016ANDREW


Grime rapper Skepta has said that he wanted to give back to his parents, who are both from Nigeria, “I want to give them that house in Nigeria. Finished, done, built. For them to look back and say, ‘You know what? That’s what we went to England for’”.


They have since moved back to Nigeria, and Skepta has shared heart warming pictures of a playground he has helped build in his father’s village, which was opened only days ago.


“Me and my dad been talking about making a place for the children to play in his village in Nigeria. He sent me these pics and my heart is smiling. I told him to wait for me to come and add the finishing touches but he wanted my mum to open it before she flew to London tomorrow haha, sweet boy ting, safe journey mum. Love”.


His mother indeed opened it, and Skepta added, “Gonne keep developing this playground and hope we inspire kids to get into activities and maybe find talents they never knew they had. More life”.



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