Skinny Living – Let Me In | Music Video


Skinny Living have just released the music video for their new single “Let Me In”. Their latest EP has recently been released via RCA Records.


The music video for “Let Me In” is very emotional, the two protagonists communicate through the language of the signs and also with mouviment and dance. The song and the video are perfectly compatible, the melancholic and romantic atmosphere accumulates them.


Speaking about the track Ryan Johnston the dancer from the video explains: “It’s about loving someone that has been hurt in the past, encouraging them to drop their guard, understanding why they feel the way they do because you’ve been hurt before too. Having the song interpreted in sign language and dance helps emphasise the emotion and meaning of the words, so you can still feel the song, even if you can’t hear it.”


In the coming months, the band will hit the road again with a UK tour, London, Manchester and Birmingham are only few of their new tour’s data. Watch the music video for “Let Me In” below.




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