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The groundbreaking news that Justin Bieber‘s latest chart topping single “Sorry” is a plagiarism made it to every page of the blogosphere.


When the American singer-songwriter White Hinterland filed a lawsuit against the Canadian idol and the not-so-dubstep-anymore producer Skrillex on the basis that part of their recent collaboration was nothing more than a rip-off of her vocal loop for her single “Ring The Bell”, the duo didn’t release any statement.


And while JB is still missing in action, the American superstar DJ posted what it seems like a proper video-tutorial to put an end to the plagiarism allegations.


“Sorry but we didn’t steal this” unapologetically said Skrillex: as a matter of fact, even if the ghost from the stellar single sounds a lot like Hinterland’s song, so does the original ad-lip from Julia Michaels‘ writing session, which has been heavily reworked to create the hauling loop of the song, as shown by Skrillex in the short video posted on his Instagram profile.


The duo can sleep peacefully, because the money they made through the worldwide banger is safe.



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