Skyline Brigade are a Nashville based duo who, with its sounds, has already break the schemes, using the music as a protesting tool, creating powerful political anthems.


With their third single “Own Rules”, Skyline Brigade have raised their voice to protest against the strict rules of the world they are living in, where they “question values and challenge allegiances.” It is an energetic protest against society boundaries which do not allow them to  maximize their potentials as they would like to. This is not the first time they have exposured themselves politically through music, last time they did that with “Bad Hombre”, when Donald Trump was in their mirin.


Read that book but I won’t renew / This Is my own life I make my own rules”, the vocalist sings angrily. His voice follows a hip hop wave which matxhes perfectly with the alternative rock sounds produced by the hard rock drums and distorted guitar riffs. The result is absolutely inimitable.


“Own Rules” is Skyline Brigade’s last single of 2019. They have definitely made this year successful with  with their Donald Trump-inspired song “Bad Hombre” and pop anthem “Break up.” And it is expected even more from them, the next year.


Listen to “Own Rules” below:




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