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Sleep Party People – Lingering Eyes | New Music


Sleep Party People are back with another track and it is seriously dreamy. “Lingering Eyes” is a laid-back tune with Brian Batz‘s mesmerising vocals ‘lingering’ throughout.


There’s something about Batz production that is slightly haunting yet alluring. There’s a softness to Batz voices that synchs beautifully with the 80s pop-synth production. It’s an odd track in terms of sound but in all the right ways with “Lingering Eyes” eerie atmosphere becoming all the more intriguing and intoxicating.


Speaking of the track, which he had written for his girlfriend, Batz explains:


“I wanted to express myself in a more metaphoric way and let people know how I’m experiencing the impact of falling in love and letting go in a more visual way. And also how life suddenly makes more sense. Everything seems brighter and more colourful. Not only inside yourself but also how you look at the world. I think that’s the most incredible feeling that can emerge in life.”


Speaking of the band, “Cool Hunting“, speaks highly of the Copenhagen based band:


“Captivation stands as a mark of true, substantial dream pop. More than eerie instrumentation and delicate melodies, musicians working in this genre (and tangentially) must truly capture the listener before taking them inward or upward, to sleep or to soar. Danish multi-instrumentalist Brian Batz does exactly this.”


So, have a listen of “Lingering Eyes” down below. If you’re loving Sleep Party People and want some more, check out their new album, Lingering, out now, which you can buy through Joyful Noise, here.




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