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The new music video for “Cancelled” by Slowthai and Skepta is horror-movie inspired. The track was first performed at The Tonight Show on February 9, and this track was the last preview before Slowthai releases his new album TYRON on February 12, and he says it “fronts up to the haters”.


The start of the “Cancelled” video, which was directed by THE REST, begins with Slowthai and Skepta parodying a ’90s Budweiser advert while on a phone call, and they repeat “wagwan”, which was heard in the original advertising. It also has references from classic horror films such as American Psycho, The Silence Of The Lambs, Candyman, Nightmare On Elm Street, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


Las month Slowthai talked about his major influences in the music business that are helping him on his creative process, and he listed Jay-Z and Alex Turner from Arctic Monkey, saying that Turner is “heavy inspiration”.


Rumour says that he made this track after the events of last year’s NME awards ceremony. Speaking about that night, Slowthai says:


I was in my head a lot [after the NME Awards]. When you’re not a certain way and people tell you who you are, you doubt yourself. If you’re fully against stuff and people are saying, ‘That’s you’ — you can’t fathom it.


So I’m sitting there, I’m in a dark head space, and he’s (Skepta) like, ‘This isn’t your defining moment, bro. Use this. Come out stronger, come out harder. Show the world what you’re about. Fuck all that worrying. Just be you and live your life. It’s rock & roll, you’re a rock star’. From that, we just banged out that tune“.


Together they transformed frustrations into good music, watch the video for “Cancelled” here:




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