Sneak Peek Of The Adult Loser Club In New ‘IT: Chapter Two’ Photos | Film News


The release of IT in 2017 brought Stephen King‘s Pennywise back on the screens, depicting the thrilling novel of a clown who feeds on young children. The film took the box office by storm, bringing over $300 million,the highest opening weekend ever for a September release, for a fall release, and for a horror movie. With immense popular success of the first chapter, a sequel was undoubtedly a must!


A sneak preview of IT: Chapter Two reveals the reunion of The Losers Club as adults. The humorous young gang are not so young anymore! Fast forward 27 years from when we last saw them, the picture reveals the characters all grown up.



Filming is still undergo, but we think Pennywise will have a few tricks up his sleeve…



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