Snoh Aalegra – Emotional (Produced by RZA) | New Music


Snoh Aalegra has cut a bold new record with Wu Tang Clan’s RZA. It’s the kind of piece you can play on a hot evening when you can’t sleep, and the only thing left to do is dance. At 53 seconds, it kicks in with raw feeling that’ll carry you away in any room, situation or state of mind. It does everything but offer up the wagon and speakers to play it loud while driving down your local street. Following on from last year’s EP There Will Be Sunshine, “Emotional” re-instills the music industry’s need for material that’s this addictive from start to finish.


It’s the first offering from her forthcoming debut LP, no doubt also set to be a blast of soulful pop. RZA of Wu-Tang fame has helped to give this track that natural feeling of being a live take, with all the signs of something completely uncontrived with an off-the-cuff immediacy. I guarantee any music journalist who writes about “Emotional” will say the same thing. The review wrote itself. You can check out this latest track below and revisit her There Will Be Sunshine EP here.




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