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Singles have come few and far between for Snoh Aalegra since the release of her first studio album Feels in 2017. Recently however, the Swedish singer and songwriter released her new single “You”. It follows from her lush previous single “I Want You Around” which came back in February.


Produced by British artist/producer Compass, she returns with her familiar soothing and soulful R&B sounds. The beautiful layers of guitars and stringed instruments serves as the adequate backdrop to her passionate vocals and dreamy falsetto. Aalegra delivers a heartfelt love message in “You”.


“You, you, you / I just can’t live without you, ooh, ooh, babe / That shit I speak about, I think about, can’t do without / But I can’t live without you, you.”


Aalegra is engulfed in love, the lyrics are majorly relatable and the emotion in her voice is near tangible. The track provides Snoh Aalegra with a great place to excel, and she definitely doesn’t let us down in the process.


“’You’ is a very special song to me. It’s about the unconditional love you have for that person you can’t live without. No matter how much pain they put you through, you’re always right back in their arms” says Aalegra.




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