SOAK – Reckless Behaviour | Music Video

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SOAK – Reckless Behaviour | Music Video

SOAK Reckless behaviour


SOAK‘s music video for “Reckless Behaviour” is fun-loving, but despair underlies nearly every scene. The opening line – “Reckless behaviour / I know no better” – accompanies a close-up of a young person’s bandages around their wrist. This triggers a much older person with a youthful personality to step in. They go onto the roof, smoke together, speed from the police, and by the end of the video it’s revealed that they have something significant in common.


According to director Bob Gallagher: “The video is about what two people observe in each other and how that makes them relate in a way that transcends their difference in age or their backgrounds“. The title of the song could relate to both characters as both indulge in things which are either unsafe or illegal! “Reckless Behaviour” features on SOAK’s debut album Before We Forgot How To Dream. Watch the touching music video below.




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