Soak – Shuvels | New Music


“Short Irish Kid who appreciates dinosaurs & dragons”. Not my words, but the words of 18 year old Bridie Monds-Watson aka Derry’s Soak. A new up and coming talent, already impressing with a Chvrches cover and track “B A NoBody” a couple months ago, I predict so much greatness from this guy! Today (November 9), he unveiled his new track to the world, “Shuvels“, and its pure beauty! Vocals so genteel and tantalising, offer this song a feeling of sheer tenderness. Take a look at the visuals below, backed by a monochrome backdrop and Soak, bewitching! Come and get lost in this young man’s incredible alluring voice, listen here, his vocals alone speak for themselves, delicate and mesmerizing. Wow, this is someone to look out for, Soak, sensitivity and sublime!




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