Solar – Nada Sou Sou | Music Video


Solar, the leader of MAMAMOO has released her second music video titled “Nada Sou Sou”, a track from her upcoming solo project, Solar’s Emotion.


Kim Yong-sun, also known as Solar, is the leader and main vocalist of famous K-POP girl band, MAMAMOO. She signed under Rainbow Bridge World, a Korean record label that was founded by Kim Do-hoon, the same label responsible for groups like Vromance, OBROJECT and others.


They debuted in 2014 with the song “Mr. Ambiguous” and their music is described as retro jazz with R&B concepts. Other hits include “You’re the Best”, “Yes I Am”, “Décalcomanie”, their beautiful and passionate ballad “Paint Me” and her last single “Starry Night”.


The new song is a Korean adaptation of the famous Japanese song “Nada Sōsō” by the Japanese band Begin and singer by Ryoko Moriyama. ‘Nada Sōsō’ is literally translated as “tears are falling”. The music video follows the story of Solar when she was a child walking alone in the city.


Watch the music video below:




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