SOPHIE – Faceshopping | Music Video


SOPHIE‘s face gets warped, sliced and melted in the shocking new visuals for her latest single “Faceshopping“. Piled beauty products, deformed social media icons, words like “plastic surgery” followed by images of raw meat – the video is full of subliminal messages, all exploring the topics of beauty standards, materialism and self-acceptance.


My face is the front of shop / My face is the real shop front / My shop is the face I front / I’m real when I shop my face.”


The thought-provoking wordplay, offered by Cecile Believe, formerly known as Mozart’s Sister, mixed with uncanny imagery, rasping, shrieking noises and SOPHIE’s barely audible but still important, low-pitched comments all form a spooky, yet powerful atmosphere.


Glasgow-born producer SOPHIE, whose previous works include collaborations with Madonna, Charli XCX, MØ, Vince Staples and more, was never a conventional pop artist. She has discovered a unique way of making electronic sounds, creating them from scratch, rather than using traditional sampling.


After years of covering her identity and speaking almost only through her art, SOPHIE has recently unveiled she is transgender. Her intimate ballad “It’s Okay To Cry“, released late last year, featured her own voice and face for the very first time.


Watch the new video for “Faceshopping” below:




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