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“Waking Life” is the latest single released by Irish songwriter Sorcha Richardson. This single marks the return of the artist who released his debut album titled Last Train in 2013. “Waking Life” is a very interesting electronic pop song, it is appealing and modern melody and also for the singer’s voice which is light and hypnotic.


Talking about “Waking Life”, she said: “I’ve spent a lot of my life saying to myself that ‘by the time I’m X years old, I’ll have overcome that fear, I’ll have worked out all those issues, I’ll have mended that relationship.’ This song is about getting to a point in life and suddenly realizing that your reality falls way short of the dream you were holding onto in your head. It’s about having no idea how to reconcile the discrepancies between the two, but also wondering how or why you thought it would be different”.


Sorcha Richardson will support Imelda May in some of her UK show this October, make sure you don’t miss her tour dates. Listen to “Waking Life” below:




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