Soul Singer Tristan McIntosh Drops First Single ‘I Don’t Wanna Love You’ | Music News


Nashville artist Tristan McIntosh has just released her debut single called “I Don’t Wanna Love You”, co-written with award-winning producer Jamie Houston.


The track cleverly combines lively melodies, that get in your head thanks to the song’s jazzy instrumentation and neo-soul elements. The song’s narrative is based on a challenging relationship that the singer is experiencing.


It is highlighted by Tristan McIntosh’s powerful voice and the smooth guitar riff of the track, that is a brilliant first single for the artist. Her soulful vocals bring both power and intimacy to the song.


Tristan McIntosh is an American singer based in Nashville, Tennessee. She participated in season 15 of ‘American Idols’, and finished at sixth place. Her musical influences are diverse, from soul and R&B to country and even rock music. Her work as the lead singer in the ‘Linda Ronstadt Experience’ has pushed her vocal boundaries, and has helped her forge her unique sound.


The song is the first glimpse at McIntosh’s upcoming debut EP, that will feature eight tracks, all but one co-written with producer Jamie Houston. Expect new Tristan McIntosh music to drop regularly.


You can listen to “I Don’t Wanna Love You” right here:




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