South African Artist Dope Saint Jude Reveals Music Video For ‘Go High Go Low’ | Music News


Get ready to take a dive into the streets of Cape Town as you watch to the music video that the South African rapper Dope Saint Jude has just released for her captivating single “Go High Go Low”.


Dope Saint Jude is back now with her first single since 2018 and she is back in the best way, with a powerful track depicting the Cape Flats area of Cape Town, where the artist grew up. The visuals of the song perfectly represent her identities as a queer, black woman from the Flats.


About the Cape Town area Dope Saint Jude depicted in her video, the artist said: “I’m a Cape Flats girl, but now I’m! traveling the world. And I think about where my mother and grandmother came from – cleaning houses – it’s my right to flex. It’s a political act.


Go High Go Low” audio and visuals are not only referring to the artist’s upbringing, but they also carry a political message as the restaurant shown in the music video, the Golden Dish, is an iconic restaurant in Cape Town famous for serving the black communities during the apartheid years.


Make sure you do not miss this catchy track since it features meaningful lyrics in addition to driving rhythm and pulsating rap beats that will hypnotize your mind and make you want to sing along with the artist: “We go high, and we go low”!


Watch the video here:




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