South African Artist Pat McCay Returns With Brand New Track ‘100 Fold’

Capetonian singer-songwriter Pat McCay is back with a brand new song. After releasing a successful new album in 2019, McCay re-established himself in the South African music industry early in 2020 with his folk-inspired and lyrically rich tunes, his captivating voice and his musical talents.

Pat McCay’s career starts back to 2010 when the musician was performing with a band called Two Minute Puzzle. His magnetic stage presence and entertaining demeanour, joined by his ability to shift between joy and vulnerability in quick succession, made people relate to him and his own path. When it comes to his songwriting, he reflects a poetic and deeply soulful storyteller, with a good story to tell.

Over the past two years, he has released two projects, which showcased his talents and saw him talking about themes that were close to his heart, with the last project inviting his listeners to enjoy the essential version of some of his most popular tracks.

He has previously said that he wants his music to add value to people’s lives. That’s what blossomed some of his earlier work and his goal was to be challenging in writing something positive and to balance the scale in his mind going forward.

About the newest song “100 Fold”, he says “100 Fold is song about freedom and an awakening to our true nature by understanding the difference between conditional and unconditional love“.

Listen to it here:


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