South African Rap Artist WizTheMC Releases New Single ‘Lied’ | Music News


Recently, 21-year old South African rapper WizTheMC has released his catchy label debut single “Lied”, following up on the success of his breakout single “For A Minute”.


He recorded “For A Minute” during quarantine and already reached over ver 4.5M streams on Spotify with the tune. Wiz was born in Cape Town but raised in Germany and grew up with multiple languages.


Directly after completing high school in Germany, Wiz left and went to Toronto. He didn’t knew anybody in the city, but wanted to gain a foothold in Toronto’s music scene. At first Wiz wrote his music primarily in German, but then he started to write in English to reach more listeners and because he loves the possibilities of the language.


Through his experience in Canada Wiz recognized that you have to leave your comfort zone to use your full potential. “Being open can be the most important trait” he says. Wiz became well-known for breaking boundaries of genres with his music.


He started with usual rap tunes, but his music evolved and is more pop based nowadays. “I want to change how people think about what a rapper can be. I started rapping on Tyga-type beats and now I’m making pop songs and still staying authentic“ Wiz explains further.


“Lied” simply means “song” in German and shows a more rockier side of his music. The song is driven by an uplifting beat with an impressive drum section and rhythm. Furthermore the song comes with a great vocal line and expresses Wiz’s feelings very natural and effortless. Listen to the song below.



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