South African Singer And Musician Cece Vee Releases ‘DeLorean’ Music Video

DeLorean” is the brand new single from mould-breaking South African singer and multi-instrumentalist Cece Vee, who we covered before with the release of her last single “Wild Hearts” back in March.

Alongside “Wild Hearts”, she has also previously released “Dysfunctional”, with massive success on JOOX New Pop Hits, as well as her first sync placement on the US TV series Good Trouble in August.

Her new track “DeLorean” alludes to the time-travelling qualities of the eponymous vehicle from the cult-classic Back To The Future movies, and it is the final single from Cece Vee in the lead up to her debut EP titled Past Midnight, which arrives in January 2022.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the track, Cece Vee says, “‘DeLorean’ is about the nostalgia of wanting to go back to a simpler time – a time before COVID. We are currently locked into a way of living where a lot of people feel like it’s the apocalypse and the outside world has almost become like our enemy in a way.

It can feel like we are in a Sci-Fi movie, and we can’t help but wonder what life would be like if we could travel back in time in a DeLorean and change the future to good“.

The track also comes with a simple and effective music video, that’s directed by Cece Vee herself and Joshua Cookson. It captures the artist reclining in a tub fully clothed, staring point blank at the viewer, while she delivers the lyrics, as a timer ticks on relentlessly, perched on the edge of the bath. The unsettling point of view shifts and tilts continuously, never quite allowing the viewer to relax.

Watch the video for “DeLorean” below:


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