South London Singer Muva Of Earth Unveils New Single ‘Affirmation’ | Music News


South East London singer Muva of Earth has just dropped a brand-new single called “Affirmation”. It’s her second release after “Feed My Mind” in December 2019.


The song was produced by Nikhil Beats, and pays homage to muva of Earth’s African culture and roots. In the song, the singer-songwriter is fusing her earthy voice and the liveliness of her jazz inspirations, resulting in a track of enriching tones.


Through her lyrics of empowerment, muva of Earth likes to explore the pressures on women in society, delving into themes of love and female sexuality with a soulful sound. This second single showcases her very personal musical identity and sound, thanks to her sultry and tonality and nuanced brand of soul.


Speaking of the origins of “Affirmation”, the artist explains: “I wrote ‘Affirmation’ in a troubled state of mind in which, I had to remember who I am and who I am not. I wrote this song as a process of affirming who I want to be: ‘I am grateful to be alive, I want to love and take care of myself and I want to give back to my community’, this is what is important to me and every time I play this track I remember that”.


Listen to “Affirmation” right here:




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