Spice Girls Reunite For Animated Superhero Film | Film News


The Spice Girls remain the biggest-selling female group of all time, having sold over 85m records. You could ask anyone you meet and they will all know at least one song of the iconic band. The last time they reunited was for the 2012 Olympic Games. After it was reported last month that they met “to explore some incredible new opportunities together” many fans hoped for a tour but that isn’t what they have planned.


All five ladies have agreed to voice a character in a superhero film. Even more than that the characters they voice will have the likeness of them, too! Their powers will unique to the personality. With a strong girl group like this, the film will probably focus on Girl Power.


Still, the film has a long way to go since they are shopping for production partners at the moment but the five ladies are hopeful as they even think about going “big in terms of a franchise on a global scale.” We will see what happens in the future.



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