‘Spider-Man’ Spinoff ‘Venom’ Moves Forward At Sony | Film News

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‘Spider-Man’ Spinoff ‘Venom’ Moves Forward At Sony | Film News


With the new Spider-Man getting a reboot with British actor Tom Holland in the role of the iconic superhero, Sony has set it sights on a spinoff within the universe. According to reports in The Hollywood Reporter, it seems Sony has bagged the writer Dante Harper to pen a script for a spinoff film entitled Venom. Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach are producing and overseeing the project.


In the comics,Venom is one of the Marvel Universe’s villains who is an alien that needs a human host in order to survive, empowering it’s human subject with incredible abilities. The character appeared in Sam Raimi’s Spider Man 3, with Topher Grace playing the role.



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