Spielberg Rumoured To Be Interested In Directing Chris Pratt In ‘Indiana Jones’ | Film News


Chris Pratt‘s career really has blown up over the last few years with the amazing Guardians of The Galaxy and his up-and-coming role in Jurassic World, and now it appears he might have a job playing the next Indiana Jones with the original director himself, Steven Spielberg in the director’s chair.


Last month, we heard that Disney were eyeing Pratt for the role as the next fedora wearing archaeologist and now it appears there’s a rush of rumours claiming that Spielberg is keen to direct, should he be happy with the script. The film is in its very early stages so it’s difficult to know just how seriously to take these rumours so don’t get too excited. Still, how awesome would that be!? Deadline posted the news, getting fans setting up their Indian Jones box-sets ready for the weekend.


I was pretty disappointed with the last Indie film, Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull but would happily give this franchise another chance as the promise of Pratt and some traditional Indiana Jones action is too much to resist.



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