Spike Lee To Direct & Produce ROTC Drama Series For Amazon

Legendary director Spike Lee is making a second venture into television. He’s reportedly attached to direct and produce an ROTC – Reserve Officers’ Training Corp – drama series at Amazon.

The project is being written by military veterans Jalysa Conway and Rebecca Murga, and will be set in the ROTC program of a major university, where students from different social strata intermingle while striving to fulfill their dreams.

ROTC is a college and university-based program that trains future commissioned officers in the United States Armed Forces. Both Murga and Conway are veterans of ROTC, joining to help pay their way through college. Both later went on to serve in active military duty – Murga with the Army, and Conway with the Air Force.

The duo worked together in the Rideback TV Incubator, a residency program from Dan Lin‘s Rideback and MRC, which helps writers from diverse backgrounds produce their own TV shows. Conway and Murga’s pitch video for the show impressed Lee enough that he boarded the project himself.

As one of the medium’s greatest filmmakers, Lee needs no introduction. As mentioned, this will be his second venture into television after he wrote, produced, and directed the Netflix series She’s Gotta Have It, which was based on his 1986 directorial debut of the same name.

Lee’s latest film, Da 5 Bloods, revolved around Vietnam veterans, so it seems he’s currently very interested in stories about the US military. But having said that, the next film he’s currently working on is a musical about erectile dysfunction drug Viagra, so maybe he’s just got the same eclectic taste he’s always had.

Further details about Lee’s ROTC Amazon project, including a title, will likely become available soon.


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