Sponsored: Pepsi Max Debuts ‘Drone Football’ Video For Genius #LiveForNow Campaign | Inspiration


Pepsi Max has revealed its debut global brand campaign taking the name ‘Genius’ through an array of videos and unique experiences. The socially based project has made its premiere with the spectacular video ‘Drone Football’, which turns an ordinary late night five-aside match between friends to a highly technical visual encounter that’s never been seen before.


Giving a glance to the future of football, they surprised a group of players in their hometown of Barcelona by transforming their local pitch into a interactive lighting and graphic show, that not only fascinated the members but boosted buzz for the whole game. Introducing 30,000 programmable LED lights, advanced projection and drones, that encourage celebration after goals whilst keeping an eye on any fouls to appoint red or yellow cards.


Starting off with the football carrying drone flying down meeting a confused but interested audience all around the area, next the projection of the score keeper on a near-side building and brightening of the whole space with the pitch itself. The clock counts down from three, queuing the pilot to drop the ball, emitting an explosion of energy from every player. Every minute of the match brings up something unexpected from the technical driven background, from emulating broken glass when its kicked out of bounds to stepping up the game by fast moving goals.


Kristen Patrick, Senior VP and CMO officer of PepsiCo Had this to say about the project: “We believe that the most exciting experiences don’t just happen – they’re created. The ‘Genius’ campaign will show experiences that are elevated and made more exciting when something unexpected happens“. Watch the exciting and unique video named ‘Drone Football’ down below, and follow the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.



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