Spotify CEO Daniel Ek Discusses Taylor Swift, Apple And Saving The Music Industry | Music News


Daniel Ek recently spoke to Billboard, addressing many critics that have blasted the company, including Taylor Swift, saying that, “I started this company to help the music industry, not get vilified by them“. Ek also comments directly on the impact on the success he feels he has had on Taylor Swift as seven months after Swift pulled her catalog from the streaming giant, her success flourished; “Her YouTube streams went through the roof. What that tells me is the audience that was listening to Taylor Swift on Spotify went on YouTube to do it instead“.


In the interview Ek also comments on Apple, which on Monday will announce its new subscription streaming plan which will compete with Spotify: “Apple will probably be pretty successful, but it doesn’t have to be at the expense of Spotify,” Ek says. “If we think of this as an opportunity instead of trying to maximize the piece of pie we have today, the music industry will be many, many times bigger, and there won’t be any arguments about how many percent we pay. When Apple starts doing streaming, streaming will start growing even faster“.


You can read more of the interview here.



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