SQRD – Gold | Music Video

SQRD 26.07.2016ANDREW


Swedish-born, Berlin-based artist Carl Robin Kirchmann, better known as SQRD, is back with a video for his song, “Gold”. New EP, also called Gold, due out now via Fresh Milk, is apparently based upon the end of a seven year relationship and learning to strike out in life on his own.


“Gold” begins eerie, gradually building. Vocals intermittently tick tock like the ticking of a clock, aided by big clapping drum. It fleshes out by the midway point, noticeably busier. Wayward synthesiser sounds like the wailing of a siren. There is a weird, very dynamic, closing with the vocals ending abruptly yet the backdrop fading out.


The video, shot in black and white, appears to show a relatively dimly lit room. The black and white clip probably emphasises, exaggerates, what is dark and what is light. In it a girl dances in what can, perhaps, be described as ballerina of a very unorthodox style. Very dramatic and expressive.




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