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SQRD is Berlin-based artist Carl Robin Kirchmann who has developed from a background of jazz and classical music, and has now blended elements of both of these cultures and puts it into his own form of electronica. His new single “Gold” perfectly displays his personal taste in music, which you can listen to below via Soundcloud. The track comes from his upcoming EP of the same name, which is due for release on July 22 via Fresh Milk.


The EP is about the end of Kirchmann’s seven year relationship and the process of finding your own path. Speaking about the EP SQRD said, “Writing music was an attempt to handle and process what happened and in the same way to find my own path. I sit for hours and hours, I forget about everything else, and just focus all of my energy on the music. Now when I think about it, this might also explain why I want to do everything on my own – the writing, singing and producing – it makes me feel independent and I can do whatever I want from the initial idea to finished track”.




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