ST3PH Unveils New Track ‘Chariot (I’m Gonna Leave You)’ Inspired by Harriet Tubman

ST3PH has released a new single “Chariot (I’m Gonna Leave You)”. This one was inspired by American activist Harriet Tubman and her story of freedom.

ST3PH is a multi-talented London born artist and producer. His unique voice, fresh lyrics and irresistible beats are ready to make waves around the world.

Growing up in London with a Jamaican and Mauritian heritage, there is a blend of the artist’s strong ties to his culture combined with a wealth of life experiences that can be felt and heard vibrating through his sound.

His lyrics are written in such a way to awaken the spirits while still having enough punch to appreciate the range of flows he delivers. If you listen closely to his tracks, you will always find lyrics somewhere that will impact you.

St3ph is already an established producer. In March 2019, the London-based artist released his long-awaited project named after his sound – TRIME Vol.1. TRIME is an original and pioneering creation heavily influenced by a variety of music from reggae to hip hop, garage, grime and trap.

It is thus in the continuity of this sound that the artist releases this new track “Chariot (I’m Gonna Leave You)” impregnated with a strong and very particular history.

Listen “Chariot (I’m Gonna Leave You)” here :


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