Stallone + Weathers – The Feeling | Music Video

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Stallone + Weathers – The Feeling | Music Video


Newly formed Hip-Hop emcee / producer duo Stallone + Weathers articulate and conceptualise in true Hip-Hop fashion with their new ‘Johnny Mathis inspired’ music video for “The Feeling“. Directed by Precyce Politix & Dan S. Lewin, the video forms the third part of an ongoing storyline and quite frankly I must give it credit and say it is very creative.


The video somehow makes a kidnapping artistic. The protagonist, tied up and blindfolded, enduring torture of the highest magnitude while supposedly waiting to be saved but in the end, things don’t quite work out as it should.


The duos are clearly real ambassadors of Hip-Hop as an art form. The two showcase some real lyrical prowess, with metaphors, punchlines, subject matter and a A+ delivery, epitomising what a true rapper should be. With recognition from a few high profile DJ’s like DJ Eclipse, DJ Premier, DJ Samps, their stock is most definitely on the rise.


Have a look at their latest video and make sure you check out their other videos to follow the story.




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