Star Wars Actress Daisy Ripley In Consideration To Star In ‘Tomb Raider’ | Film News

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Star Wars Actress Daisy Ripley In Consideration To Star In ‘Tomb Raider’ | Film News



Ever since the successful reboot of the Tomb Raider video game series in 2013, Hollywood has shown an interest in rebooting their own film adaptation of Tomb Raider as well. Going as far to announce the project, a possible director in Roar Uthaug and a screenwriter, Evan Daugherty. But a film needs a star and from the looks of it Paramount may have just found her, in a galaxy far far away.


Star Wars Episode 7 Star Daisy Ridley is apparently being considered for the role as Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider reboot which Paramount are hoping to release in 2017. This would be an excellent oppurtunity for the 23 year old British actress as Star Wars has a tenancy to type cast its younger actors, so moving from one huge franchise to another, like Harrison Ford did with Indiana Jones is a great way for Ridley to showcase her talents.




Uthaug has said that this reboot would make Lara Croft more human and we’ve seen Daisy Ridley has been able to play both vulnerable and strong in the same role. As an added bonus, she wouldn’t need to fake the accent.


The big issue however is the scheduling, as Ridley is in the middle of shooting Star Wars Episode 8 and 9. It’s hard to imagine how she would find time to do both franchises. Do you think Daisy Ridley would make would a good Lara Croft? Comment below and let us know!



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