‘Star Wars’ Comics Return To Marvel, New Issue Sells One Million Copies | Arts


Star Wars, the title credited with saving Marvel Comics in the 1970’s, returns to the company next week. Adventures set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away are returning to Marvel Comics – Star Wars comic books will return to Marvel, following a two-decade stint at Dark Horse Comics. The Star Wars comics were originally published by Marvel starting in 1977.


Though the Dark Horse comics were well-received (and partially responsible for reviving the brand in the early 1990s), with Marvel and Star Wars now both under Disney ownership, it made sense corporately for Star Wars to “come home”. Marvel is celebrating with a series of ‘Coming Home’ variants on its regular titles, and a boatload of variant covers set for Star Wars #1. The launch strategy seems to be a success: Marvel has announced that pre-orders for Star Wars #1 have exceeded 1 million copies.



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