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Now that the initial hysteria resulting from the fact that a new Star Wars film is out has died down, fans have wasted no time in busying themselves with theories on anything and everything from the origins of The First Order to where BB-8 got his cute paint job. Some are utterly ludicrous, like the theory that Supreme Leader Snoke is really Darth Vader (come on, have you even watched Episode VI?); but one of the most intriguing theory-magnets is the female protagonist, Rey. There is much interest surrounding her backstory, with many theorising that she is the daughter of Luke Skywalker due to her powerful affinity with the Force.


These theories have apparently not gone unnoticed by Colin Trevorrow, the man who will direct the untitled Episode IX (unless the George Lucas petition gets its way), who has revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that fans will be given answers to many of their questions, including who her parents are: “I’ve seen all of the theories. What I do know is that we’re going to make sure that that answer is deeply and profoundly satisfying, because Rey is a character that is important in this universe, not just in the context of The Force Awakens but in the entire galaxy, and she deserves it“.


Although this is good news for everyone who has had questions running around their brain since The Force Awakens was released, we still have to wait until Colin Trevorrow’s film comes to the big screen in 2019. Until then, Disney will keep us all entertained with their anthology films and Episode VIII, which will in turn produce their own questions to torture the minds of Star Wars fans. Thanks, Disney. You can still see The Force Awakens in cinemas, which stars Daisy Ridley as Rey alongside John Boyega, Oscar Isaac, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill.



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