‘Star Wars’ Spin Off Rumoured To Focus On Hans Solo With Aaron Paul Involved | Film News


The rumour mill is at it again and this time its Star Wars fueled. Last month Collider reported that Star Wars was to gets its own heist-style spin off, but now it seems there’s talk of making the new movie into a Hans Solo history course. According to MakingStarWars.com, the code-name for the spin off is “Luminac Industrial Goods” and that filming will eventually overlap with some Star Wars: Episode VIII, which is fairly obvious considering this new spin off is due to open on December 16, 2016.


Another juicy rumour is that Breaking Bad star, Aaron Paul, is keen to have some part in the project, even if not as young Solo. Collider seems to think that there’s little truth to these rumours but with no confirmation yet, it’s guess work on everybodies part. However, getting Aaron Paul in what ever theme the spin-off takes, is good work in my eyes.



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