StarRo + BOSCO – Fantasy | Music Video


Grammy nominated StarRo reveals a new visual for his single “Fantasy” featuring American R&B singer BOSCO. The unveiled music video is part of IHC 1nfinity, which is the first record label with a shared music video universe from Iheartcomix. The description of Iheartcomix is that it connects music and geek culture as a content creator, media brand and creative agency.


The music video for “Fantasy” is an inspiration from Total Recall, where in the video, we follow the story of Luke that longs for a life more exciting. Therefor Fantasy becomes the answer, an actual drug that brings a person´s wildest fantasies to life. Though in reality it is a portal to capture and manipulate innocent people to get them bidding. This is just a piece of what the 6 minute video centers about.


You can watch below to see the full “Fantasy” video.

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