StartFromSkratch Releases New Single ‘Kiss You When We Fight’

Up and coming Chicago EDM artist and producer StartFromSkratch has released his new single titled “Kiss You When We Fight”. This is the fifth single from his debut album, The Heart Grows Fonder, which will be released on November 19.

The new single follows his last track “If I’m Yours”, a song about relationship compatibility and mutual desire. “Kiss You When We Fight” is an emotionally intense and honest look at the nature of disagreements between two individuals who love each other.

As we all know, relationships are difficult to navigate, and in conclusion, when two people are at odds with each other, all of their feelings and thoughts are brought to the forefront of their brains. This is what the song speaks to.

These sensations frequently have little to do with the current altercation, and they are frequently intense in form. Even when a disagreement becomes heated, the desire for affection remains. Even when it appears like leaving and never returning is the best option, love for one another keeps you together.

Speaking about how the song came about, StartFromSkratch says, “Music is a collaborative process and when you have a low budget and therefore a limited number of other artists to work with, you have to look for other ways to find content that showcases exactly what you are feeling. Part of this song and a lot of the album was created using royalty free samples that everyone has access to and finding a way to make them personal to me and my life”.

Listen to “Kiss You When We Fight” here:


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