Starz Unveils New Trailer For ‘Ash vs Evil Dead’ | TV Trailer


Today sees another preview of Starz‘s upcoming horror TV series, Ash vs. Evil Dead, and it looks like a blood curdling thrill ride. Joining the ever expanding ranks of horror TV series, the brief snippets we’ve seen so far all point towards a step up in quality from the mixed bag that is FX‘s American Horror Story and MTV‘s overly-conventional convention-subverter, Scream.


The series will follow Ash (Bruce Campbell) as he once again does battle with the Deadite hoard released from the Necronomicon. Back-up comes in the form of Pablo (Ray Santiago), an idealistic young man who believes in Ash’s plight even when Ash himself struggles to. Featuring the franchise’s familiar blend of slapstick, blood splatter, and irreverent humour, Starz looks to be on to something here. Ash vs. Evil Dead also stars Lucy Lawless, Mimi Rogers, and Jill Marie Jones. The series premieres on October 31 on Starz. Check out the NSFW trailer below.




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