Stephen Amell Wants ‘Arrow/Supergirl’ Crossover | TV News

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It seems like the crossover fever is latching on everyone, since Arrow‘s Stephen Amell has expressed his desire to join Supergirl‘s Melissa Benoist in an action packed episode.


His comments has surfaced just a month before Grant Gustin‘s Flash is set to appear in a special episode of Supergirl, which will have the speedster and the Girl of Steel team up in some way. Seeing as Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl all make up DC’s TV universe, it surely is inevitable for them to cross over.


During an interview with IGN, he explained:


“In this iteration of the DC Universe, the “Television Universe” as it were, I’m the guy that’s been around the longest, so I always feel — whether I’m on a show or I’m not on a show — I always feel as though I can in some way, shape or form represent them, and I always want them to be wildly successful and last for many more years than we end up lasting, because I just want to see people have success.


 I would love to go over to Supergirl. That would be a blast, if for no other reason than I miss shooting in Los Angeles.”


Amell has recently guest starred in an episode of Legends of Tomorrow as an elderly and defeated Oliver Queen.



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