Stephen Fry Joins Cast Of ‘Yonderland’ Season Three | TV News

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Stephen Fry Joins Cast Of ‘Yonderland’ Season Three | TV News

Stephen Fry


The loveable and intellectual marvel that is Stephen Fry has confirmed via his well-maintained Twitter page that he will be joining the cast of Yonderland for its third series. Fry will be appearing in the fantasy adventure series as Cuddly Dick. Yes, really. Cuddly Dick is described as a mysterious elder who has recently been released from prison, yet is also described as “a charming, avuncular eccentric who loves nothing more than to spread love and kindness (as well as plenty of hugs and kisses)“. Can we take a quick moment to talk about phrasing?


Imagine The Chronicles of Narnia on acid and you get Yonderland. The series follows the story of a bored stay-at-home mum, Debbie, who one day is visited by an elf who claims she is the Chosen One; the one destined to save Yonderland from the evil Negatus. Although it is not entirely clear how Cuddly Dick will fit into the picture (phrasing), all will be revealed in time.


Series three of Yonderland is due to begin filming in Spring, which would put a likely air date somewhere around the end of the year on Sky 1. For a better look at Yonderland, see the trailer for the first series below.




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