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Stevan – LNT | Music Video


Rising Australian singer and songwriter Stevan has just launched the music video for his new record “LNT”, following the success of his first single “Timee”, released earlier this year.


“LNT” stands for “love and tenderness”, eternal and classic music themes, which, through Stevan’s music, acquire a new taste and warmth. This warmth is connected to summer, since the song is inspired by the singer’s favorite moments from his time on the Sunshine Coast: “great weather, nice music and even better company.” Stevan said.


Despite being very young (just 18 years old), Stevan has already debuted at Bigsound earlier this year, and proves to have a deep music knowledge.


“LNT” is characterized by a retro melody with ’60s-style guitars, while the video, directed by multi-instrumentalist and director, Jordan Kirk, shows the singer counting down the calendar days to a mysterious date and constantly changing costumes. The retro filter of the video combines with the retro style of the song and the result is fresh and original.


Stevan is happy about his new work: “it’s a nice change of pace from the Timee video and shows off a goofy side that I’m keen on exploring more” the singer said in a statement.


We are sure that new video will have the success it deserves, and we hope to hear again about Stevan very soon.




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