Steve Martin Receives AFI Lifetime Achievement Award | Film News


The 2015 American Film Institute Lifetime Achievement Award was awarded to the comic genius Steve Martin after the decades of highly acclaimed body of work that the actor has been involved in, spanning from film to television and also including stand up comedy to add to his much celebrated career.


The most notable feature that helped establish Steve Martin as a distinctive personality on the silver screen is his constant ability to make his audience laugh even when he decides to take on more serious roles. For example in The Father Of The Bride, Steve Martin portrays a father who is reluctant to see his only daughter get married, and even though this is a depressing narrative, Martin is still able to provide humour and comedic moments through his character. This confirms Martin’s gift and talent as a comic as he has the ability to create laughter in the most difficult of scenarios.


Over time, Steve Martin has become the familiar face of comedy alongside other great comedy actors of his generation but its his longevity which critics are still applauding, especially now that the modern movie industry has changed and Martin still remains an influential member within it. Only time will tell whether Steve Martin will continue to occupy the top of show business, however one can’t predict when the curtains will finally close for this timeless entertainer.



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