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With roles in the likes of The Great Escape, The Thomas Crown Affair, The Getaway, The Magnificent Seven and The Towering Inferno, McQueen’s talent and charm is one that has truly made a mark on cinematic history. Lets face it, a Steven McQueen biopic is long overdue, with the late actor’s fan base still very much active and as passionate as ever. Well, finally we’re going to get one as Lake Forrest Entertainment and The Exchange has teamed up to finance the film McQueen.


The up and coming flick is based on a biography ten years in the making, which will focus on his life, starting from early childhood through to his untimely death in Mexico in 1980. Here’s what The Exchange’s CEO, Brian O’Shea had to say about the project; “McQueen is the King of Cool, his life was unflinching and impacted so many people around the globe, we are proud to be part of the driving force to bring this movie to life. Steve McQueen talent was iconic, but so was his life. His style, his strength, and his character made him a star, and it will also attract the best talent and make MCQUEEN a smashing success“.


We Own The Night director James Gray is said to be interested in helming the project with the likes of Jeremy Renner, Channing Tatum and Ryan Gosling having been considered for the role. These are all solid choices to play the effortlessly cool McQueen but my gut instinct goes to Gosling. He’s got that really rad, quiet strength that I think would be great in a role like this. What do you guys think, who would you like to see as Steven McQueen?


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