Steven Spielberg Turns To Seth Rogen To Play His Uncle In Childhood Movie | Film News


For his next feature film, Steven Spielberg will deal with a subject he knows better than anyone else, his childhood in Arizona. Over the years, the director has confessed that his childhood in this part of the United States has been a great source of inspiration for many of his films, both for the theme and for the characters.


In 2017, a documentary about the filmmaker was aired on HBO, which so far is the only one that has come close to his past, but with this new film in production, that is about to change.


At the moment we have few clues about the film, be it the plot, the title or even the cast. However, the director is clearing up the fog around his project by revealing the name of one of the main actors. Seth Rogen will play the role of Spielberg’s favourite uncle alongside Michelle Williams, who will play his mother.


Given the very personal nature of this project, Steven Spielberg, in addition to directing, will participate in the writing of the film alongside Tony Kushner, for the first time since his film A.I.


The film, which will be produced by Spielberg, Kushner, and Kristie Macosko Krieger, is scheduled to begin shooting this summer to ensure a 2022 release to the general public.



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