Stone Island Charting Their Way Back On The Fashion Scene | Fashion News


I first came across Stone Island back at school, it was the go to brand for the football fans and still is to some extent. The brand is going through somewhat of a revival and this has been largely down to R&B star Drake. The artist wore a sweatshirt in a recent video which was a part of a collaboration between New York’s hipster staple Supreme who are working with the Italian fashion house. The collaboration marks a unique turn in their history and making use of this new exposure through social media. And they aren’t the first brand to do so.


Nike has been doing it for years, with infamous lyrics from rap stars such as The Game name-dropping the brand in their songs, including lyrics like “I’ll kill you, if you try me for my Air Max 95’s“. This culture of music and clothing has proved lucrative for both fashion brands and music labels alike. And the Stone Island craze seems to have swept from the US across the Atlantic, thanks again to Drake appearing on Instagram with the character Ashley Walters [Top Boy] donning another piece from the brand. Social media has played a large part in this growing trend of trend spotting, I guess selfies aren’t so bad after all.




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