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Suicide Squad 09.08.2016ANDREW


Suicide Squad crushed the August opening weekend records, despite what critics have said. Critics have destroyed the new DC movie, however it has seriously outdone itself in the box office in its opening weekend.


But the movie has received blistering reviews, with a 26 per cent score on the review aggregate site Rotten Tomatoes. The poor feedback made headlines all week, making people wonder how the film would fare at the box office.


Stars such as Margot Robbie and Will Smith have defended the movie, implying the film was made for the fans, and the fans only. But raking in a tremendous $260 million in its opening weekend, it looks like viewers either didn’t care enough about the reviews to not see the movie, or that the negative reviews made them more interested in seeing it.


Although many publications point out a large 20 percent drop off of ticket sales between Friday and Saturday, implying negative word of mouth that may have made some would-be viewers change their minds. The numbers seem to speak for themselves.



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