Summer Walker Reveals Baby Bump In Beautiful New Video For ‘Body’ | Music News


Atlanta R&B singer Summer Walker just came out with a brand new music video for her single “Body”. This track came out in 2019 along with her album Over it, which has been having great success for almost two years now.


For 49 weeks, the album was in the top 40 of the Billboard 200 album chart, and was in the top 50 for 56 weeks, and is still an album to listen to nowadays.


You could wonder why Summer is coming out with a music video nearly two years later. Well the answer can be easily giving as soon as you watch the music video. It’s all about self-love, accepting yourself and your body how it is, but there is an element of surprise in this video.


At the start of the video, you can see the singer holding her belly but it’s only at the middle that you guess and see that she’s pregnant! So I guess a congratulations is needed here for Walker and her boyfriend London On Da Track, she seems to be only a few months into the pregnancy.


In the end, the music video wasn’t all about the song, because, well, we had already had the hype of the track in 2019. Indeed Walker and the music video director Lacey Dukes decided to concentrate on the shape of Walker’s new body, and her future step which is motherhood.


The visual is really pleasant to watch and there is a very calming effect when watching the clip with the Californian sunset. We can see throughout the video that Walker seems ready for motherhood and at peace with herself.


In a recent interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Walker even said: “I think I’ll be a great mom, I’m super excited“. Watch the music video for “Body” here:[/eembed]



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