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Suppy Dudes Announce Their New LP Release | Music News



Suppy Dudes are Ohio Pop Punkers who formed only a short time ago last year. Suppy Dudes are Chett Leitzinger (Vocals/Bass), Brody Sullivan (Lead Vox/Guitar), Pete McCormick (Guitar) and Chaz Renner (Drums) The group combines high-octane guitars and classic pop punk hooks. With the press release adding: “Suppy Dudes supply an irreverent and mischievous take on the genre, delivering a sophomoric message with an astutely honed maturity and a high-quality end-product”.


The group have announced their upcoming debut album called Josie on July 29 via Luxor Records.
They have also released a lyric video for new track “Keep Dreaming” which you can watch below. The press release also adds:


“Despite playing to the pop-punk cliches of escaping your hometown and maligning high-school, Suppy Dudes’ execution is far from immature; the dual vocals intertwining expertly with high-tempo riffs and hooks capable of bringing the roof down both on record or during a live show. This infectious riot is captured on their forthcoming debut album, which was recorded with Jake Nolan this past winter”.


The tracklist of Josie is as follows:


1. Another Song About High School
2. Pretty Girl Things
3. Keep Dreaming
4. Best Night of My Life
5. California
6. I’m Not Fine
7. Hey God
8. This Song Sucks
9. My Girlfriend is a Whore
10. Bruh Code
11. Please Sadie



You can follow updates from the band via their Twitter page here.



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